Monday, 18 January 2016

5 Side effects by cheap hair transplant during surgery

Is the hair transplantation really works? Is it easier to bear the pain? Does it look real? These are very common questions and all the patients want answer. The answer is simple. The surgery shows different results on different men and women. The person whose follicles are weak and hair had been falling for 2 to 7 years, the result of surgery will be poor, and the person whose follicles is strong and recently facing hair fall problem, the results of surgery will be good for sure. All above, the problems during hair transplantation surgery are same for all and mentioned bellow,

Shock loss: (It could be before transplantation)
Thick, long, strong and shiny hairs play an important role in your personality and provide you confidence. Shiny and strong hairs are counted in the most beautiful hairs. Thin hairs are common issue for all. Shock loss is also known as temporary thinning of hair. This occurs due to poor transplantation because sometimes all hairs are not transplanted properly or the hairs plucked out from the root. Sometimes, patients may experience of thinning of hair and some patients complain against partial baldness. Hair shock also caused due to improper surgery done by inexperienced doctors. To avoid this problem you must assure that the doctor is qualified and trust worthy.

Pain and Swelling:
Little pain is obvious in hair transplant, sometimes people often experience swelling of scalp with pain. Pain is a temporary effect, it will reduce steadily. As we know, there is a solution of every problem. The swelling can also bring under control with expert interference. 

During surgery the patient face itching problems because of stretching hair and skin and due to scab formation. Thousands and more scabs occur after surgery. Sometime, this problem becomes severe because it is not addressed properly. The itching can be controlled by using shampoo at the start, but if the patient is still feeling itching and it is beyond his control. The patient must use a special type of moisturizing oils to get rid of this problem.

Bleeding is rare in hair transplantation, but in rare cases of FUT, there may be evidence of a bit bleeding. It happened because of extra pressure on the scalp. Which could be stopped in just 2 minutes by using antibiotics or by pressing the gauze piece.

Crust Formation:
Crusting in hair transplantation means that the area is healing, but during the surgery, a little mistake could be infectious to the skin. In hair transplantation, you might notice crusts forming over the surgical areas. This effect is temporary and will be disappeared within a couple of weeks.

Hemorrhage and infection:
This is a very common side effect seems during transplantation surgery or just after the procedure. It is caused due to the inexperience operating procedure in cheap cost. It can be avoided if the patient consult with experience doctor or cosmetic surgeon.

Patient face all these problems during surgery just because the doctor is not experienced or not a specialist to avoid these problems you may consult with reputed and trust worthy person who could deal with all this very easily. 


  1. Thanks to sharing side effects of low cost Hair Transplant.

  2. Hair transplant side effects can be minimal if your surgery is done by a good and experienced doctor. But when severe negative side effects of hair transplants occur, such as : infection,swelling,bruising around the eyes,itching and numbness on the treated areas of the scalp , we often supplement a hair loss procedure with medications to reduce possible side effects of the surgery


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