Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Why hair transplant is the only durable and permanent solution of a hair loss problem

Hair transplant surgery is widely considered among all the people as a most effective option for restoring natural hair because it's a long-lasting and permanent, relatively easy procedure, and it achieves 100% natural look. However, a hair transplant surgery performed by an ILHT professional uses the tradition Micrograft® process, which creates a flawless transition as soft and silky as the natural and original hairline, and outcomes that look totally natural and undetectable. However, during a hair transplant surgery, a surgeon moves only healthy hair follicles from the back side of the scalp and relocates them to the bald area of the head that's affected from baldness due to the high rate of hormone DHT.
 The ILHT Dubai's hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair loss problems. Since the implanted hairs are already defiant to the natural DHT hormone that causes severe hair loss, they will not fall out or thin in the future. So there is no chance of any negative adverse side effects. Depending on your natural hair loss classification and phase of hair loss, our ILHT Dubai surgeon may suggest the use of some effective FDA medications like Minoxidil, or prescription Propecia to assist maintain the health of non-DHT resistant hair and prevent any chance of future thinning.
 The durability of the transplant surgery is the most important benefit that makes this process successful over all the temporary hair loss solutions. This process is still the only well-known as the top hair loss treatment that can restore & regrow the lost natural hair and hairline. But, on the other hand, the general myth is that the implanted hair should last the lifetime, but can be suspect to genetic hair loss, so if you have any critical issues regarding genetic hair loss, then discuss with your surgeon before having the transplant surgery.