Saturday, 23 June 2018

Hair Transplant, Is It Worth?

Hair loss is the most common problem not only amongst the older people but in youngsters as well. The pollution, poor habits, and other environmental issues are the reason that men especially are losing their hairs when they are less than 35 years of age. No treatment results in loss of almost all the hairs as they grow up in age. Prior to hair transplant solution, people used to try different home remedies, medications or faux hair wigs to conceal their baldness. Fortunately, the medical science has resolved this problem brilliantly by introducing the method of hair transplant.
Many people are now turning towards this treatment and bringing that volume back into their hairs as this seems the most appropriate answer for the hair loss. If you are also looking to get a hair transplant done, then remember that everything has it gains and setbacks that you can face alongside.

Merits of Hair transplant

There is a perception that hair transplant is one expensive method that everybody cannot afford, but it is really worth it. You go through the entire surgical procedure that is not only painful but goes on for many days and all that is count is your courage plus patience. Another factor that encourages you for the hair transplant surgery is that it is a long-term beneficial treatment that will not end in just a few years or months rather if you take care of it properly, they can continue for a lifetime.
The process of hair transplant is painful in the latter context as you can avoid aching while surgery is occurring through anesthesia. The procedure gives you some pain afterward, but you can tolerate it. Moreover, the chances of discharge on the surgery day increase when the doctor ensures your consciousness and stability.
As compared to the other hair techniques like putting on toupees, wigs, etc, the hair transplant is a perpetual solution with attractive results. The natural outcome of hair transplant has this very basic advantage of continuing for the longer period.
Not only that hair transplant is helping you with the physical benefits, but it assists you in gaining your self-esteem as well. Many people lose their confidence and valor due to hair loss and think that they are good for nothing anymore. But, with the surgical process of hair transplant, you attain your self-assurance and good vibes back in you. You can appear presentable in front of others and you can get emotionally strong. Not only that, you also get motivated about having a toned and healthy body.
Technology has made everything feasible for humans. Likewise, in the case of hair transplant, the advanced methods and equipment have made it possible that you can have transplant quickly and without any pain. Hair transplant practitioners are continuously working to find out that which ways could provide less terrifying effects.
Asking someone for the opinion before jumping for the treatment will help you in getting the real-life experiences and you can take decisions on that basis. It is recommended to go for consultation as it will assist you in overcoming your fears that what could happen before or after the treatment.
The advantage of a top-notch hair transplant consultation is that the surgeon will explain you about the extent of treatment that you require. Therefore, you can assess the length of your treatment and the cost that applies. This will save you from any mental chaos and you will be clear about the time period that you need to give to your treatment.
Some of these facts tell us that hair transplant is a worthy investment that any person can opt for without thinking twice.

Demerits of hair transplant

In the past, the transplant’s results were not that satisfying this is why people criticized the procedure. While patients were trying to achieve a positive result, they ended up getting disappointed.
The extra cost of the entire transplant procedure often leads to hefty amounts as the patient has to pay doctor’s fee, anesthesia’s fee, and the cost of the hospital as well. For the later consultation session, there is separate fees that patient has to pay. This makes patient stay away from this process because paying such amounts is not their cup of tea.
Having a limited number of the practitioner in this industry also make patients uncomfortable about where to go. Going to mediocre surgeons could be risky while the expert ones are either too difficult to reach or they are very expensive.
Sometimes, hair transplant is not the final solution for many patients. They still go through the pre-transplant era where they had bald patches. It is usual in the transplant process that you grafts shed and that is a worrisome time for the patient. The hairs are back after some time, but the concern upsets many patients.
If you are looking to obtain bet results from hair transplant surgery, then it is very imperative that your surgeon and his skills are qualified. You must search for the doctor who is aware of the whole process technically and satisfy you also with his explanation. Although, the lack of practitioners in this field causes difficulty for the patient to find the right doctor and they lose hope of having their hairs back. Instead of losing hope, you must ask your friends and other patients who have been through this procedure that what could be the most appropriate option for them.

Hair transplant worth it or not? 

Conclusively, having a hair transplant is really worth it! It worth your money and time as you get your natural hairs back. But remember that it is not probable when you have attained the services of a reliable and qualified surgeon. A high-class surgeon will always charge because of they worth it. That way, you will be satisfied with the overall procedure instead of getting worried about the results later.

Therefore, having a hair transplant is worth going for despite being pricey. The mind-blowing results contemplate the drawbacks. 

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Is PRP enough for hair loss treatment?

The PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma has been historical treatments, opted by the Dermatologists, Orthopedics and Dentistry. PRP is a temporary solution for hair loss treatment while the patient isn’t capable of bearing the hair restoration procedure. PRP plays the role of stimulating the present hair follicles which boosts the hair growth in the certain area.
PRP is a long-lasting treatment, but it’s not necessary its effect remains forever. It’s a three-step procedure, where the patient’s blood is taken, processed and then injected into the scalp. This generates the blood flow thus helps hairs grow and increase the thickness of the hair shaft. Sometimes this procedure is taken solely, while sometimes it is combined with other hair loss procedures and medications.
The PRP treatment is mainly carried on patients when the patient is not eligible for the hair loss treatment and ages below 21. Hair loss treatment is usually carried out among the adult, who have passed the young age and reached to complete baldness, it is where the hair transplant is applicable for the best outcomes.
PRP is effective and long-lasting, but it has a list of certain criteria where it really works, else it turns into a matter of risk and health.  PRP is only carried out when it is confirmed that it is most required.  It is meant to improve the growth of hair follicles right after the hairtransplant procedure and to make existing hairs strong.
PRP is recommended by doctors when the hair scalp shows signs of hair thinning and reduced effect of hair loss.  It is not a complete cure for hair baldness, as the hair baldness needs hair transplant treatment.  It is preferable good for female hair thinning when it turns wide hair scalp.  PRP treatment enhances the hair follicle growth in the particular area and it doesn’t go parallel with hair transplantation.  

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

No doubt, long and shiny hair make your personality fascinating and appealing. However, the question is how one can make his/her hair grow faster and healthier? Well, this is quite simple! You just need to follow few simple tips.
Dry Scalp Massage
If you want to grow your hair faster and healthier, then give yourself a scalp massage. You don’t need to go to the saloon to get the massage. According to hair specialists, giving your scalp a massage every week plays a vital role to improve your hair growth. There are a number of oils available in the market, having herbal ingredients in them, so make your habit of doing scalp massage once in a week. Massaging your head will improve your blood flow as well as give nutrients to your hair follicles. Lastly, use your fingertips for the scalp massage.
How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hair solution in Dubai: Top 5 Effective Ways to Control Hair Loss in Summe...

Are you suffering from hair loss problems in this summer? Want to spend this summer with beautiful and stylish hair? Read the following content that is related to top 5 effective ways to control hair fall in summer. These ways can really help you in keeping your hair healthy and stylish in this summer.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hair Transplant Blog: Is Getting a Hair Transplant Overseas a Good Idea?...

 Hair transplants are becoming a much more commonplace
procedure nowadays for bald or balding men. In the United States, the procedure
can still be too costly for the average person, but now there are more options
to consider overseas. In the paragraphs below, we will explain a bit about the
procedure and if having it overseas is a good option.

To perform a hair transplant, surgeons need to take hair
follicles from one site, the "donor site", and transplant them to the
"recipient site", which in most cases is the scalp. It is a minimally
invasive procedure with visible guarantees, making it still the best choice to
treat male balding, but also for the restoration of eyelashes and eyebrows. The
operation, whether in the United States or overseas, is usually performed in
outpatient centers under localized anesthesia and sometimes mild sedation. The
usual procedure begins with the surgeon harvesting a strip of hair, with nurses
removing extra fatty tissue from around the follicles to make them viable for
transplanting. The surgeon then does his or her best to leave as small a scar
at the donor site as possible and moves on to transplant the hair to the
recipient site. The surgeon lightly punctures the recipient site and inserts
the hair follicles in the prearrange positions, making sure the angle is
correct so that the transplant looks as natural as possible.Read more : .Hair Transplant Blog: Is Getting a Hair Transplant Overseas a Good Idea?...: