Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hair Transplant Blog: Is Getting a Hair Transplant Overseas a Good Idea?...

 Hair transplants are becoming a much more commonplace
procedure nowadays for bald or balding men. In the United States, the procedure
can still be too costly for the average person, but now there are more options
to consider overseas. In the paragraphs below, we will explain a bit about the
procedure and if having it overseas is a good option.

To perform a hair transplant, surgeons need to take hair
follicles from one site, the "donor site", and transplant them to the
"recipient site", which in most cases is the scalp. It is a minimally
invasive procedure with visible guarantees, making it still the best choice to
treat male balding, but also for the restoration of eyelashes and eyebrows. The
operation, whether in the United States or overseas, is usually performed in
outpatient centers under localized anesthesia and sometimes mild sedation. The
usual procedure begins with the surgeon harvesting a strip of hair, with nurses
removing extra fatty tissue from around the follicles to make them viable for
transplanting. The surgeon then does his or her best to leave as small a scar
at the donor site as possible and moves on to transplant the hair to the
recipient site. The surgeon lightly punctures the recipient site and inserts
the hair follicles in the prearrange positions, making sure the angle is
correct so that the transplant looks as natural as possible.Read more : .Hair Transplant Blog: Is Getting a Hair Transplant Overseas a Good Idea?...: