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Why hair transplant is the only durable and permanent solution of a hair loss problem

Hair transplant surgery is widely considered among all the people as a most effective option for restoring natural hair because it's a long-lasting and permanent, relatively easy procedure, and it achieves 100% natural look. However, a hair transplant surgery performed by an ILHT professional uses the tradition Micrograft® process, which creates a flawless transition as soft and silky as the natural and original hairline, and outcomes that look totally natural and undetectable. However, during a hair transplant surgery, a surgeon moves only healthy hair follicles from the back side of the scalp and relocates them to the bald area of the head that's affected from baldness due to the high rate of hormone DHT.
 The ILHT Dubai's hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair loss problems. Since the implanted hairs are already defiant to the natural DHT hormone that causes severe hair loss, they will not fall out or thin in the future. So there is no chance of any negative adverse side effects. Depending on your natural hair loss classification and phase of hair loss, our ILHT Dubai surgeon may suggest the use of some effective FDA medications like Minoxidil, or prescription Propecia to assist maintain the health of non-DHT resistant hair and prevent any chance of future thinning.
 The durability of the transplant surgery is the most important benefit that makes this process successful over all the temporary hair loss solutions. This process is still the only well-known as the top hair loss treatment that can restore & regrow the lost natural hair and hairline. But, on the other hand, the general myth is that the implanted hair should last the lifetime, but can be suspect to genetic hair loss, so if you have any critical issues regarding genetic hair loss, then discuss with your surgeon before having the transplant surgery.

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Hair solution in Dubai: After hair transplant surgery, why it is necessary...

Hair transplant surgery or hair restoration surgery is a very difficult procedure. The surgeon gives numerous advice and precaution tips to get the best effective results. One of the precautions is to avoid going in the sun exposure after hair transplant for 6 weeks. It is because hair graft endurance is totally dependent on the implanted new hair follicles, which are slowly connected to a new resource of blood supply. 
Therefore, without that occurring accurately, whether from affected from UVA or other sources, they will be damaged.

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Another successful procedure at ILHT Lahore

Another successful procedure at ILHT Lahore.

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The Best Treatment for Hair Loss

Since there are such a large number of types of scalp hair loss, discovering the reason can be testing. This survey will cover the most well-known reasons for hair loss happening on ordinary scalp skin. The restorative term for balding is alopecia. Most hair loss is not connected with systemic or inside sickness, nor is less than stellar eating routine an incessant element. Hair might basically thin as a consequence of foreordained hereditary variables and the general maturing procedure. Numerous men and ladies may see gentle physiologic diminishing of hair beginning in their 30s and 40s.
Life changes, including sickness, enthusiastic injury, protein hardship and hormonal changes like those in pregnancy, adolescence, and menopause may bring about reversible hair loss. A few health conditions, including thyroid sickness and iron insufficiency pallor, can bring about balding. While thyroid blood tests and other lab tests, including a complete blood number (CBC), on individuals who have hair loss are typically ordinary, it is critical to reject fundamental reasons in sudden or serious hair loss. Such essential wellbeing screening should be possible by a family doctor, internist, or gynecologist. There are few ways of treating hair loss, let’s have a look on them briefly:

Rogaine and Propecia (FDA Approved Supplements for Hair Loss)

  • Rogaine (topical minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) are the main medications endorsed by the FDA to treat hairlessness. Rogaine is a topical solution that is connected by straightforwardly rubbing it onto the scalp where hair development is fancied. Just around 10% to 14% of the general population who attempt this cream experience hair development. Be that as it may, Rogaine cream can help to moderate hair loss.
  • Propecia is the first pill that can treat male example balding. Like every remedy item, it ought to be given under a specialist’s consideration. While it is compelling, if treatment is stopped, results may not be kept up. Perpetual balding can likewise be dealt with by hair substitution strategies, for example, hair transplantation systems, (for example, smaller scale joining, opening uniting, punch joining), and by scalp lessening.
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How to cure the low stage or severe hair loss problem? | Hair Transplant in Dubai

The thick hair are the beauty of personality and that’s why everyone wants a healthy and nourishing hair. Intense hair loss phase is a depressive skin condition, but it is not a contagious disease. The hair loss dilemma can be mild or intense, in the intense stage; this problem affects the scalp and other parts of the body hair, which turns into the full loss of the natural hair. The most ordinary reasons of this problem are pregnancy, which inhibits the growth of natural hair for one to four months; even most of the females suffer this problem after the delivery. There are so many other causes like drug, stress, personal issues, eating disorder and poor nutrition, which can be a reason of intense hair loss. With most of these symptoms, hair loss is short-term and can be treated.
How hair loss problem can be treated?
Every researcher has their own perceptions on how to cure hair loss. The success of healing management treatments totally depends on the individual willpower and capacity, but if the patient gets the right remedy, so there is a 100% chance for regrowth of natural hair. The important thing is that the sooner you observe hair loss, immediately seek guidance from a good dermatologist, who will further refer you to a hair specialist. He can give you the best conventional hair loss treatments with excellent complementary drugs

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Hair solution in Dubai: Some myths and clarifications about the laser hair...

When we entered the 21st century, everything has been changed now either it is a technological field or medical field. Every old method is replaced with a new and less harmful technique.  Nowadays people prefer laser treatment for hair transplant surgery, so the lasers are now replacing the utilization of the traditional scalpels tools and other surgical apparatus when it comes to surgeries. Due to its effectiveness, the laser has long been used in the cosmetic surgery procedure as a more precise and noninvasive cutting surgical procedure. But, when it comes to hair transplant surgeries, is using a laser method a better option in hair restoration surgery?

In a laser hair restoration surgery, the laser rays are used only for making the slits in the patient’s scalp so that the donor hair will be easily transplanted into these open slits. The strong rays of laser are not used to divide the hair follicles into small units, which are used in the transplantation. Therefore, the term laser hair restoration is a bit deceptive as the laser treatment plays a very diminutive role in the hair transplant method.

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Hair solution in Dubai: What is scalp reduction procedure and why it is no...

The scalp reduction procedure is hardly ever performed any more due to major superior advancements in the art of hair transplantation surgery. The scalp reduction is a surgical procedure to eliminate particular areas of the scalp that are badly affected by alopecia disease, and the healthier remain parts of the scalp are then extended and re-positioned for making the balding part smaller and more controllable. This method can be done in separate session, but, it is also done with a hair transplant surgery. With the excellent outcomes from follicular unit grafting method, scalp reduction has now become a method of the past. Read More From: Hair solution in Dubai: What is scalp reduction procedure and why it is no...:

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ILHT Dubai Hair Transplant: What are the possible drawbacks of a laser hair tr...

Surgical procedures involved in hair transplant surgeries are frequently being revised and updated in order to provide patients the most natural looking and victorious hair transplant results. The laser hair transplant has made a good name for itself in precision scalp, and cutting during restoration surgery and is now grabbing its place in the hair transplant world through an advanced laser hair transplant. But, sometimes the application of a laser during hair restoration surgery may be more of an obstacle than advancement.

A severe disadvantage of a laser hair transplant is the possibility of fewer transplanted grafts yielding hair. This unpleasant situation is due to the laser's capability to immediately cauterize its cuts. In this case, the oxygenation and good-quality blood flow of the new hair grafts on the scalp can be compromised and restricted. Read More:

ILHT Dubai Hair Transplant: What are the possible drawbacks of a laser hair tr...

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