Friday, 21 August 2015

How to cure the low stage or severe hair loss problem? | Hair Transplant in Dubai

The thick hair are the beauty of personality and that’s why everyone wants a healthy and nourishing hair. Intense hair loss phase is a depressive skin condition, but it is not a contagious disease. The hair loss dilemma can be mild or intense, in the intense stage; this problem affects the scalp and other parts of the body hair, which turns into the full loss of the natural hair. The most ordinary reasons of this problem are pregnancy, which inhibits the growth of natural hair for one to four months; even most of the females suffer this problem after the delivery. There are so many other causes like drug, stress, personal issues, eating disorder and poor nutrition, which can be a reason of intense hair loss. With most of these symptoms, hair loss is short-term and can be treated.
How hair loss problem can be treated?
Every researcher has their own perceptions on how to cure hair loss. The success of healing management treatments totally depends on the individual willpower and capacity, but if the patient gets the right remedy, so there is a 100% chance for regrowth of natural hair. The important thing is that the sooner you observe hair loss, immediately seek guidance from a good dermatologist, who will further refer you to a hair specialist. He can give you the best conventional hair loss treatments with excellent complementary drugs

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  1. sun, sea, swimming pool have bad hair during the summer, also subject to hormonal changes. In the spring, especially in the fall between late August and early September, one hundred hair are falling daily.